Review of The Summer Wives

Title: The Summer Wives Author: Beatriz Williams Rating: 3 Stars Pages: 384 Days it Took to Read: 5 Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery 4-Sentence Synopsis: Winthrop Island is divided between the wealthy families who summer on the island and the working-class families who work and live on the island year round. In the summer of… Continue reading Review of The Summer Wives

Review of The Dinner List

Title: The Dinner List Author: Rebecca Serle Release Date: September 11, 2018 Rating: 4 Stars Pages: 288 Days it Took to Read: 1.5 Days Genre: Fiction, Romance, Magical Realism 3-Sentence Synopsis: In college, Sabrina’s friend Jess has her make a list of the 5 people dead or alive that she wants to have dinner with.… Continue reading Review of The Dinner List

Review of Crazy Rich Asians

Title: Crazy Rich Asians Author: Kevin Kwan Rating: 4 Stars Pages: 527 Days it Took to Read: 4 Genre: Novel 3-Sentence Synopsis: Two NYC professors have been dating for two years when Nick Young finally decides it is time to take Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet his family. With no knowledge of her boyfriend’s… Continue reading Review of Crazy Rich Asians

Review of Last Time I Lied

Title: The Last Time I Lied Author: Reilly Sager Rating: 4.5/5 Pages: 384 Days it Took to Read: 4 Genre: Mystery 3-Sentence Synopsis: Three girls disappear in the middle of the night forcing Camp Nightingale to close. For the past 15 years their former cabin mate, Emma, and been haunted by memories of their disappearance… Continue reading Review of Last Time I Lied