Review of The Swing of Things

Title: The Swing of Things

Author: Linda Keir

Rating: 3.5 stars

Pages: 386

Days it Took to Read: 2

Genre: Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Romance

4-Sentence Synopsis: Eric and Jayne Larson’s marriage needs some spicing up as their date nights have become overly predictable. After meeting Theo and Mia Winters, the Larsons realize that the key to a happy and adventurous marriage is to be a swinger. Eric and Jayne decide to test the strength of their marriage and attend the explicit gatherings each month. However, after a swingers’ party gone horribly wrong, Eric and Jayne discover the alarming reason as to why they were originally invited to join the group and must decide if lust or love is more important to them.

Review: I considered putting this book down a third of the way through but I am glad that I pushed through. Some parts were a little too explicit for me and I find the idea of swinging pretty bizarre. For me, too much of the plot focused on the intimate relations at the parties when I was more interested in Eric and Jayne’s outside lives. It took a while of the plot to develop but about 70% of the way through the book things really started to get interesting! After an accident occurs, the book focuses less of the actual swinging and more on the group dynamic. The drama that followed was totally unexpected and elevated the book as a whole. I assumed there had to be some sort of twist in the plot, but all my guesses were wrong. I truly appreciate when an author is able to surprise me in a seemingly effortless manner. This book is definitely not for everyone, but it is a quick and interesting read if you are into adult fiction. Thanks to Lake Union Publishing for providing me with the opportunity to read this book and give my honest review before this title is published on August 28th!




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