Review of The Light We Lost

Title: The Light We Lost

Author: Jill Santopolo

Rating: 5 Stars

Pages: 328

Days it Took to Read: 1

Genre: Romance


4-Sentence Synopsis: Lucy and Gabe met at Columbia University on 9/11 and vowed to follow careers that would allow them to live meaningful lives. After graduation, they meet again and it seems like fate has brought them together, but unfortunately, the vows they made pull them to different parts of the world. After their big breakup, Lucy moves on and gets married but continues to keep in contact with Gabe. In the end (no spoiler), Lucy is faced with a difficult life-altering decision and in order to get herself through it, she tells Lucy and Gabe’s love story from the very beginning.

Review: Oh my goodness…I flew through this book. I could not put it down and felt myself getting deeply invested. I will admit that this is the first book to make me cry. I connected to the characters while they were in college (my age) and enjoyed seeing them grow together and apart. This was published first, but there are some major similarities between this love story and the one in The Dinner List. I would recommend this book to everyone since I loved it so much, but would definitely be a great choice for those who love romance novels. I could totally see this being turned into a movie and I sure hope it is!

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