Review of The English Wife

Title: The English Wife

Author: Lauren Willig

Rating: 4 Stars

Pages: 376

Days it Took to Read: 8 Days

Genre: Historical Fiction (Gilded Age)

4-Sentence Synopsis: Annabelle and Bayard Van Duyvil plan an elegant ball to celebrate the completion of their new home, Illyria. However, on the night of the ball, Bayard is found with a knife in his chest and Annabelle is missing. Bayard’s sister, Janie, teams up with a local journalist to get to the bottom of things. The family discovers Annabelle’s true identity as well as scandalous family secrets while working to find out what truly happen to Bayard and Annabelle.

Review: A perfect mix of historical fiction, romance, and mystery to keep my interest while also allowing me to imagine life in the luxurious lives of these characters. I constantly thought I knew what happened to Bayard (Bay) and Annabelle, but there is a perfect twist at the end. This is the perfect book to snuggle up to on a cold or rainy day.

Other Books By Author: Pink Carnation Series, The Forgotten Room, The Glass Ocean (Coming September 2018) and many more

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