Review of River of Darkness

Title: River of Darkness

Author: Rennie Airth

Rating: 3 Stars

Pages: 480

Days it Took to Read: 12

Genre: Mystery

3-Sentence Synopsis: John Madden is a World War I vet who is returning to his job as an inspector for the Scotland Yard. Upon his return, a wealthy family is murdered with military precision causing the other inspectors to think it is simply a robbery gone wrong. Madden discovers similar murder cases that have gone unsolved and works to uncover the true psychological motive of the killer to track him down before he can strike again.

Review: I did enjoy this book and it had some unexpected twists. However, I’m a big mystery reader and have some high standards. I found myself getting a little frustrated with the inadequacy of the investigators but enjoyed the side of romance. I would recommend this to anyone who likes historical fictions or mysteries. Although I enjoyed this book, I do not think I will continue the John Madden series at this time.

Other Books By Author: John Madden series, Snatch!, Once a Spy and more

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