Review of Crazy Rich Asians

Title: Crazy Rich Asians

Author: Kevin Kwan

Rating: 4 Stars

Pages: 527

Days it Took to Read: 4

Genre: Novel

3-Sentence Synopsis: Two NYC professors have been dating for two years when Nick Young finally decides it is time to take Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet his family. With no knowledge of her boyfriend’s background, Rachel is flung into the wild world of Singapore’s elite. Because she does not come from a proper background and is believed to be a gold digger, the Youngs use everything in their power to destroy Nick and Rachel’s relationship in this outrageous tale.

Review: The large number of characters definitely had me confused at times, but overall, this book was a page-turner. I enjoyed the insanity of everything and felt myself cheering for or against certain characters. Don’t let the page count scare you away, it’s a quick summer read. After watching the movie trailer, I definitely see some differences between the book and the movie, but I look forward to seeing it soon!

Other Books By Author: China Rich Girlfriend (Book #2) and Rich People Problems (Book #3)

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